Prices & Options

All in one…….

  • ‘Wishes for You’….On-line register for the wishes of your family and friends.
  • Guidance and advice in the creation of your wedding ceremony.
  • The writing of a unique and personal ceremony.
  • As many meetings as you require to ensure all goes well on the day.
  • A rehearsal…always a good idea so that there are no surprises
  • Completion of all legal documentation and registration.
  • An assistant who will play music and operate all equipment.
  • Travel around Melbourne and surrounding areas included.
  • Assistance in any other way to make it a day to remember…
  • Your wedding will be my only focus for the day…and I will not be late !

At your discretion……..

Perhaps you feel that a fixed fee does not fully reflect the needs of your day…perhaps you are planning to elope…perhaps you are thinking about a very intimate setting with few family and friends..or then again, whilst complying with legal requirements…you wish to plan and write your own ceremony. I am only happy to adjust my services to your needs and charge for my time at an hourly rate. There would be a minimum fee of 5 hours and payment is required prior to the day of your wedding.


A familiar face………

Do you need a Master of Ceremonies for your wedding reception ? We have worked together planning your ceremony..and I have come to know a little of who you both are…shared some of your funny stories and understand the atmosphere you want to achieve for your day……I’ve met your family and friends ..and I have the wishes and thoughts of everyone who has registered them on my web-site …’Wishes for You’. I am a familiar face and am willing and enthusiastic to act as your M.C. for the evening or the afternoon.

Again …my time would be charged at an hourly rate with a minimum time consideration of 5 hours.


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