I meet some gorgeous young couples !

Sally and Evan MacDonald

I do….one of the joys in my role as a Marriage Celebrant is getting to know some lovely brides and grooms.  Pictured here are Sally and Evan MacDonald who were married at   ‘Sails on the Bay’ at Elwood.  When I first met Sally and Evan, their Kings Charles Cavavlier puppy…. ‘Macey’ was the newest addition to the family.  I have to admit it was love a first sight for Macey and I !!  Sally and Evan’s wedding was a warm and sultry summer’s afternoon and we felt that we were almost right on the beach….not bikini in sight from the wedding guests though !!

It’s not a photo shoot !

I met a gorgeous photographer a couple of weeks ago at the wedding of Vanessa and Steve Cahill.  Sarah Wood .. ‘www.sarahwood.com.au’ .. was so unobtrusive and gentle in her manner with Vanessa and Steve.  She got all the shots she needed but never once did I feel that she was invasive to the ceremony nor to family and friends present.  I have on other occasions….. looked up during the giving of a couple’s vows to find a camera lens just inches from my face or worse still…have experienced a  photographer lying down in front of the wedding party just trying to get that ‘right’ angle.  Talk to your photographer about your expectations of their role and behaviour for your wedding day.  It is not only about a great photo….it is also about a great ceremony !!

Steve and Vanessa Cahill

Oh..the places I go !

Helen and Ryan Pearce

One of the loveliest aspects of the work that I do is having the opportunity to visit so many of the gorgeous wedding venues and locations on offer.  In the past couple of weeks, I  have celebrated weddings at ‘Stones of the Yarra Valley; ‘ The Willows’ and ‘Sails on the Bay’ at Elwood…all of the venues special in their own unique way.  I’ve heard a lot about ‘Stones of the Yarra Valley’ and it did not disappoint. The lovely couple pictured are : Helen Ryan Pearce.  Obviously a fan of ‘Sex and the City’, Helen…looking beautiful, stepped out of the limousine showing peeps of her peacock blue  ‘Manolo Blahniks’

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