It’s not a photo shoot…..Take 2 !

Remember my comments on the invasive manner of some photographers…Well here is exactly what I am talking about.  Another gorgeous day at ‘All Smiles Cafe’, Sorrento for the wedding of Sussi and Stewart Anderson. I’m not sure Sussi and Stewart were aware…they only had eyes for each other…. but every time I looked up…there was camera lens in close proximity….and dressed for a wedding do you think ??

You can be lucky…….

Whenever I meet with couples planning a wedding outdoors, I always stress on them the importance of having a default location should the weather be awful….and I don’t blame them for being reluctant to even entertain the thought.  But nothing is guaranteed and think of all the time and energy you have invested in making your wedding gorgeous….and pouring rain and howling wind will wreck the most lovely of days.   So… hope and plan for the best ….and deal with what you don’t want to…if you must.


Having said that…isn’t this a gorgeous location and can you believe the weather for the wedding of Amy and Peter Blackburn last August.  I thought they were extremely optimistic …hoping for a wedding outdoors at that time of year…but the day was mild and the weather unbelievable.  I have another wedding at Riverstone in November this year….Let’s keep our fingers crossed !!!!

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