The warm light of a candle…

The use of candles as part of a wedding ceremony can signify many things…a candle light in memory of someone loved and sadly missed on your wedding day..a Mum..a Dad…grandparents..or other family members and friends are acknowledged and remembered as part of your life.

In this wedding…Chris and Emma Stirrup with their daughters, Heidi and Maddison each light a taper from their own individual candle to a larger central Unity Candle ..signifying for them…the formal union of them as a family..

A winter wedding

A wedding in July …outside…optimistic you think….maybe but Stuart and Karen’s wedding at Manton’s Winery in Mainridge proved that a ceremony can be held outdoors in the middle of winter…with a positive attitude and a bit of luck ! ┬áSure it was cold…. but there was not a cloud in the sky.

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